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Why You Should Permit Your Cold Storage Renovations

Posted by Sergio Ruiz on Aug 22, 2017 10:05:00 AM

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Complying with the letter of the law is important for any business, and cold storage regulations are no different.

Withhigh-tech equipment and potentially dangerous materials in use, cold storage facilities are governed by many different regulations. However with so much to think about it can be easy to overlook the humble building permit.

Everyone from individual homeowners to multibillion dollar corporations need to get a building permit if they are carrying out a building project. A permit shows that a municipal building department has evaluated the project and decided that it meets local safety codes.

There is no job too small to require a building permit, and it’s worth checking before you start work. As requirements vary from city to city and state to state, you should call your local building department to find out if you require one.

One top tip when it comes to building projects is to use licensed contractors. These companies will usually handle the permit process for you, whether it’s filing paperwork, collecting fees, or dealing with inspections.

Once you have a building permit, you have legal permission to start work. If you don’t get a permit your building project may cause legal or safety risks, and you could have problems selling your property down the line.

If you try to sell your property, you will be asked for permits for any building projects. The discovery of work completed without a permit could lead to serious problems. In the event that a sale is completed before the lack of permits is noticed, you could be liable to a lawsuit related to the value of the property, heavy fines, or a court order to destroy any additions.

When it comes to cold storage regulations and the need for building permits it is essential to keep in mind that your company is an investment. Building without permits puts your investment at risk of a sharp decline in value. You may also find that property insurers refuse to cover any projects that are completed without a permit.

On the flip side, complying with cold storage regulations and getting the right building permit could provide further unexpected benefits. For example if someone files a lawsuit against your company for an unrelated matter, evidence of compliance with property codes could put you at an advantage in the eyes of the authorities.

In summary, getting the right permits means that any building work will meet safety standards and prevent problems in the future. If you are considering doing any work on your facility, always comply with cold storage regulations.

At A-N-C Cold Storage Construction we stay up to date with the latest cold storage regulations so that you don’t have to. Our expert staff have designed and built warehouses for a long list of happy clients, and we are ready to help your business grow.

To find out more about our services, download your free cold storage design guide today.

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