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Plastic Freezer Curtain Application and Tips

Posted by Alex Sanchez on Jun 20, 2017 10:01:00 AM
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Using plastic curtains is a cost-effective way of separating different areas inside a cold storage facility.

Industrial curtain walls allow for temperature and environmental control, keeping cold air in and contaminants out. They also offer a more flexible solution than permanent walls, allowing you to change the configuration and layout of your facility depending on the circumstances.

Use plastic curtains to divide cool storage areas from cold storage areas, without the need for expensive insulated walls. Expand these areas easily when necessary, or reduce the size of cold storage areas when demand is low in order to cut energy bills.

Quarantine medical or food products that require strict environmental control, preventing dust, pests or other contaminants from entering the sensitive area.  Maintain efficiency and easy access using plastic door strips, which part when human or forklift traffic pass through them while also preventing heat transfers by acting as a barrier when there is no traffic.

Plastic curtains and freezer strip curtains boost the adaptability of your facility, and they are completely customizable to fit your needs. There are many different mounting options to suit your existing infrastructure, and the curtains are available in a variety of materials and colors. Freezer strip doors are usually made of clear PVCto improve visibility and safety for forklift drivers and other staff.

If you want to diversify the products that your cold storage facility can handle, plastic curtains are a cost-effective way of making sure that your warehouse is equipped to do so. Quick to install and move, they are an increasingly important piece of cold storage equipment. They can also be used to isolate dirty work areas from the rest of the facility.

In a rapidly evolving sector, it is important that cold storage companies are able to respond to the changing demands of the marketplace. Plastic curtains can be an important part of these efforts to maintain flexibility at your facility.

At A-N-C Cold Storage Construction we work hard to design, build and maintain cold storage facilities that are efficient, adaptable and cost-effective. Feel free to ask our expert team members about plastic curtains or any other equipment for your cold storage facility.

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