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Pallet Racking System Guide

Posted by Sergio Ruiz on Jun 27, 2017 10:02:00 AM

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Running a profitable cold storage facility means optimizing every aspect of operations, from energy efficiency to pallet racking.

 Warehouse racking is a great way to increase storage density in your facility, allowing more products to be stored in the same amount of space. Choose the right pallet racking system and you will quickly see the benefits. 


Drive-in Pallet Racks

The best pallet racking system depends on the characteristics of your facility and the products that it handles. For example, warehouses that handle a large number of pallets of the same product are well-suited to drive-in pallet systems, which allow forklift trucks to enter the rack. These first-in, last-out (FILO) systems are cost-effective, although the handling of time sensitive products can be a concern. Drive-through warehouse racking is very similar to drive-in, but both ends of the racking are left open for easier access.


push back pallet Racks

Another type of industrial shelving is known as push back. These systems can store as many as ten pallets per storage lane, offering up to 90% more storage space than standard racks. This considerable benefit means that push back pallet systems tend to be more expensive than other systems, but they are a top choice in facilities where space is at a premium.


Gravity Flow Racks

Gravity flow racks, sometimes known as pallet flow racks, use gravity to move inventory along slightly inclined runways. They are first-in, first-out (FIFO) systems that cut down on aisles and offer quick, efficient inventory turnover, as well as being easily customizable to suit the needs of your facility. These automated pallet flow racking systems reduce labor costs, reduce forklift traffic and allow for daily updates to inventory. Further benefits include keeping produce well-organized and improving cleanliness.


Carton Flow Racks

Carton flow racks are also gravity driven, and used to handle high volume order picking of small products such as small parts or small boxes. These systems can be custom built to the correct specifications for your facility, and use less floor space than traditional warehouse racking.


Keg Flow Rack

There are also industrial shelving solutions adapted to certain products, such as beer kegs. For example, craft beer breweries can now invest in specialized keg flow systems that improve the storage density of keg storage facilities.


Cantilever Rack

 While pallet racking has become more adaptable in recent years, there are some products that aren’t well suited to these systems. Lumber and steel are just two examples of materials that are too long to be stored in industrial shelving systems that have left-to-right uprights. In these cases, it is better to use cantilever rack systems that allow for easier front loading.


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