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Posted by Christine Sanchez on May 2, 2017 10:01:00 AM
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 Employee Spotlight - Sergio Ruiz

Retaining top performers remains a struggle for many growing companies. There’s an understandable sense of urgency in keeping employees who provide nearly 400x the productivity of the average employee. The financial impact of turnover is multiplied when high performers are lost and the intangible impact of losing role models in the workplace can deliver devastating blows to team dynamics and morale.

Sergio Ruiz, Project Manager at A-N-C Cold Storage Construction in Bloomington, CA is very familiar with employee engagement and top performance. He has been employed at A-N-C Cold Storage Construction for nearly 3 years and enjoys every moment.
During an interview with Sergio, he was asked, what would you say motivates you to do what you do at A-N-C? Sergio’s response was as genuine as he is.

 “Christine and Alex, (owners) take great care of their employees- it pushes me to do better and stay busy- it motivates me to come to the office, send quotes and secure business. It is very stressful sometimes but I enjoy it, and see the company growing and growing. If the company grows I can grow with the company.”

 As part of his daily responsibilities, Sergio takes great pride in contacting qualified leads in the sales funnel, nurturing relationships with current and past clients’, and following-up on current and past projects; all the while providing top notch customer service and cold storage solutions.

With A-N-C undergoing major shifts in marketing, Sergio noted one of the most interesting things he has done at A-N-C was becoming a contributing member of the new marketing campaign. The company has brought on an outside agency to assist with developing platforms to make day-to-day operations for Sergio and his counterparts more streamlined and efficient.

Learning to utilize social media and marketing campaigns through automation and software has become a new challenge for Sergio and A-N-C employees to acclimate to. In the future, Sergio expressed “working on multi-facility projects, not necessarily building but maintenance and expansion projects with large companies able to keep A-N-C in work” is on his radar to achieve.

When Sergio is not busy at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 11 years and looks forward to taking some vacation time after the arrival of his new baby daughter in four months. Any opportunity to turn his phone off, and relax with his family in nature is at the top of his list. Having only 3 jobs in his life, Sergio recognizes the importance of loyalty and takes this very seriously. “I am responsible, that is what’s most important to me.” He noted.

There is no doubt Sergio is a top performer and role model at A-N-C. French-German philosopher Albert Schweitzer said, “Example is leadership.” Top performers, whether they know it or not, lead by example. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that program rules that identify top performers balance results with values- or the way the results were achieved. Alex and Christine Sanchez clearly understand the importance of what a family owned business means. Allowing all employees to feel like family has not only led to great growth for the company but an outburst in positive morale.

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