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How Cold Storage Design Can Help Improve Operations

Posted by Joshua Everage on Aug 1, 2017 10:01:00 AM

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Good cold storage design plays a huge role in warehouse optimization and encourages efficient operations.

Making good decisions at the design stage will help construction stay on schedule and within budget, and result in a cold storage facility that operates and supports the companies anticipated growth (scalability). The most important factor is to bring people from across the company together to ask for their input in designing the new warehouse.

One useful tool is building information modelling (BIM) technology, which produces a three-dimensional view of the facility. Staff members can perform walkthroughs and address any workflow issues that may arise.

For example, warehouse operations can be optimized by placing high-demand products near the entrance to the facility, with lower demand products further back. This implementation of warehouse operations best practices improves efficiency and cuts costs.

The layout of a multi-temperature facility can also be designed to improve operations by placing rooms and areas of similar temperatures next to each other. This minimizes thermal bridging and reduces energy costs.

Always design your facility with future growth in mind. Consider how the cold storage design can be adapted to handle new types of products, or change in function according to future needs. For example, a cooler can easily be turned into a freezer at a later date if it is designed correctly.

Warehouse operations are optimized if ease of use and access is considered for each team. For example, mechanical rooms should be positioned so that they are easily accessed by maintenance staff.

Warehouse operations best practices start at the design stage. Thinking about warehouse optimization all the way from design to build to operation means that your new facility will be efficient in terms of usage, energy and costs.

Ask a representative of every team what they would like to see in the facility and bear their wishes in mind as far as possible. Ensure proper oversight of cold storage design and you will soon be using a facility that can handle current operations as well as being ready to adapt to changing future demands.

At A-N-C Cold Storage Construction we are incredibly proud of our long and successful history in cold storage design and construction. Our expert staff have designed and built warehouses for clients from a wide range of industries, and we are ready to help you grow your business.

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