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Diversity in Insulated Panels Applications

Posted by Sergio Ruiz on May 9, 2017, 10:01:00 AM

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When you’re building a cold storage facility, it is essential to choose the right materials. Insulated panels are a common choice with many firms, but what kind of facilities can they be used for?

Anyone constructing or retrofitting a cold storage freezer or cooler can use insulated panels in the walls, roofs, floors or doors. In fact, the panels can be used in thermally-controlled or atmospherically-controlled environments, from blast freezers as cold as -50 F to pharmaceutical stability rooms up to 180 F.

Insulated wall panels are often used instead of cavity insulation systems thanks to reduced thermal bridging. This improves performance and efficiency, thereby cutting operational costs.

Insulated panels, such as those manufactured by PermaTherm, use expanded polystyrene as insulation. These panels can be covered with steel or stainless steel skins, as well as a number of different finishes designed to maintain a clean working environment.

Due to the fact that the panels are washable, hygienic, and resistant to mold, stains and bacteria, they can be used in cold storage facilities that require the highest standards of cleanliness. The best way to construct a sealed monolithic structure and prevent particulate accumulation is to use CAMLOCK insulated panels.

Thanks to a tongue and groove panel joint with mechanical closure, CAMLOCK panels are airtight. As a result, they are the only panels that are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and are recommended for use in cold storage facilities that require bacteria, grease and dust control.

Other advantages of insulated panels include flexibility and ease of construction. While lead times for other materials can be frustratingly long, insulated panels can be delivered and constructed within a shorter time frame.

Examples of insulated panel applications include pharmaceutical storage, food processing facilities, floral storage, and film or document preservation. If you want an efficient storage facility that’s airtight, CAMLOCK insulated panels are the way to go.

At A-N-C Cold Storage Construction we are committed to designing, building and maintaining cold storage facilities that satisfy the needs of our clients. Our expert staff members are on hand to provide all of the help you need when it comes to choosing the right materials for your facility.

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