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Cold Storage Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Alex Sanchez on Apr 25, 2017 10:00:00 AM
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Cold storage maintenance is an essential to the smooth, profitable running of any cold storage facility.

After investing in the right equipment at the right site, the next challenge is to maintain your facility to the highest standards and grow your business. The best way to stay on top of these ongoing tasks is to create a cold storage maintenance checklist.

Cold Storage Maintenance Checklist


 The cold storage checklist 


This checklist should detail all the tasks that need to be carried out on a daily or monthly basis in order for your cold storage facility to function with maximum efficiency. The following points should be included on any cold storage maintenance checklist:

  • Daily checks of critical cooling equipment such as compressors, which may leak oil if they are not properly looked after
  • Monthly checks on the efficiency of your cooling system, which may involve cleaning condenser coil fins, topping up refrigerant levels, or checking control valves
  • Periodic checks on cold room doors, including door limit switches, timers and control boxes, as well as cold room pumps. This helps to maintain efficiency by maximizing the performance of your systems and minimizing heat loss through air transfers
  • Checks for other equipment such as forklifts and handheld electronic devices. These days many electronic devices for cold storage units are designed with seals that help to prevent the formation of condensation when moving from cold areas to ambient areas. Maintaining these seals will help to extend the life of these devices, and could lead to cost savings in the long term.

By implementing a cold storage maintenance checklist you can improve the performance of your facility while cutting operational costs. For maximum effectiveness work to a clearly defined schedule and a step-by-step protocol that is easy to use. Cold storage maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore, and creating a checklist can help you to streamline your processes.

At A-N-C Cold Storage Construction we are committed to designing, building and maintaining cold storage facilities that make use of the latest technology. Our experienced team is happy to discuss your needs and find out how we can support the growth of your business.

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