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Cold Storage Facilities And Advanced Technology

Posted by Alex Sanchez on Mar 21, 2017 10:00:00 AM
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The use of technology is the cornerstone of any successful business in the 21st century including cold storage industry. Many industries which require refrigeration as part of their daily operations are beginning to migrate into more sustainable solutions, typically solutions which require the use of advanced technologies.

Industries such as pharmaceutical, food processing, manufacturing, electronic and restaurant have used the same technology since inception. These units still hold some value and advantages.  

However, with trends and advances in technology, the demand that businesses and industries adapt to new features and the construction of cold storage units are on the rise. Because the pace of technology is always increasing, any company not keeping up is losing out on potential revenue.

Collaborating with cold storage solution experts and incorporating the latest technical features, in cold storage construction, increases overall efficiency of facility operations. With consumers constantly on the hunt for the best operations in the supply chain, many companies must now plan to improve their cold storage rooms. Here are a few technological advances that may help your company stay in sync with the movement.


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  • Cold Storage Facility Construction and Design

Many companies are moving from traditional cold storage build models to more up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing modern operation models, making it critical to create cold storage units capable of fulfilling this demand. Security and protection are a couple of factors that work in tandem with modern storage units. Insulated Thermal Panels, insulation and doors are all features constructed to provide maximum protection and security during storage.

Balancing cold temperature is vital and can prove to be challenging when done manually. Automatic temperature controls are another feature involved in this technology-driven movement. By designing units to detect temperature fluctuations and digitally adjust them, there is less risk of food deterioration.

Many companies are also taking part in the sustainability model by using more efficient and long-lasting materials. Being environmentally sustainable should be the option many companies should reach for and incorporate into their design model. Today’s models include systems that use recycled byproducts, which reduce the amount of waste that goes back into the environment.  


  • Touch Screen Technology

From smartphones to tablets, touchscreen panels have without a doubt taken over the electronics market. This growing popularity has proven to increase usability and employee interaction. Resistive touch is one technology that has been used in cold storage units for a very long time, mainly because the design can be used in harsh factory settings. However, capacitive touch technology offers extra benefit compared to resistive touch, which is evident in the increasing demand for touch screen smart phones.

Along with other advancements, capacitive touch allows multiple touch detection, meaning a multiple user interface. Displays have proven to be much clearer and brighter with capacitive touch. These advances in technology make it easier to accommodate the needs and demands of the rugged touch involved in most cold storage facilities.


  • LED Advancements

Lighting technology has taken leaps and bounds over the years. One area where this is evident (and proves to be an advantage) is in the cold storage industry. Being one of the highest energy consuming features, lighting is an area where most cold storage experts will advise on switching to the LED model. Cold storage units can incorporate technologically advanced LED lights to minimize cost and increase efficiency. With current models, facility managers have total control of their lighting unit systems as compared to the older technology. Some features allow the control part of a storage facility to get better lighting based on its use. LED not only provides quality lighting but also increases employee and storage efficiency. Proper lighting promotes safety and LED lighting is built to last much longer than traditional methods, therefore reducing the overall maintenance necessary.


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