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A-N-C's Cold Storage Industry Forecast Report

Posted by TEAM A-N-C on Mar 24, 2019 10:00:00 AM


A-N-C Cold Storage Construction, Inc. takes pride in being a leader of solutions in the cold storage industry, and is highly focused on providing the best service to our clients by offering creative strategies that best fit their construction needs.

 In order for us to remain at our esteemed level of expertise, our team dedicates energy to actively monitoring cold-storage industry trends in order to perform a market analysis, with determinations to strategize opportunities & create resolutions for our diverse number of clients.

The following is a compiled update of Cold Storage temperature-controlled Industry News.


When discussing the segments of temperature-controlled facilities, generally the cold storage market is divided between bulk storage, production, and shipping/receiving ports. These three facility types all share the need to construct new or repair existing facilities in order to meet growing demands, and to make necessary changes to meet updated federal & state regulations. Considerably, the bulk storage segment is suggested to index a healthy growth period over the next 6 years. The growth in bulk storage is due to their overall suitability for storing goods such as fruits, vegetables, flour, cooking ingredients, and canned foods for a long time period without product loss due to spoilage and waste.

In addition, the number of thermal-controlled warehouses at ports is expected to increase significantly over the next few years. Insulated warehouse construction and renovation, and paired with unique storage methods can act to streamline customs procedures during the import and export of temperature-controlled products.

From a construction perspective, companies are looking to renovate their existing refrigerated warehouse facilities in order to meet new industry standards, and to increase productivity. Renovations to these facilities often include using Metal-Fabricated insulated panels to provide upgraded cleanable surfaces throughout the warehouses. Additionally, the market for facility upgrades includes providing solutions for maintenance-free floors, safe & efficient production layout designs, and developing newer technologies to produce environment-friendly applications like solar energy for electrical applications.

On a grand scale, companies are considering full upgrades to existing refrigeration equipment within their facilities, or by constructing entirely new facilities that comply with the updated safety standards from the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)


The North America cold storage market has been subdivided mostly into the frozen and chilled segments for food products, making the frozen food sector actively grow over the past ten years. Consumer preferences are aggressively leaning toward ready-to-eat & pre-cooked meals, supplementing the growth in the frozen product segment even more, and with a growing awareness of hygiene and convenience, it is falling on suppliers laps to meet new demands in order to remain competitive in the market. Furthermore, frozen food is highly preferred with consumers due to its convenience of microwave cooking and innovative packaging. These factors are more likely to support the growth of the market over the forecasted period.

With the evolution of consumer behavior, and focus on sustainability, security, and rising labor costs, the market is seeing several trends that will continue to impact the construction of cold storage. Although some companies are building entirely new facilities, we are seeing more service providers opting to renovate, and upgrade their existing cold storage buildings with new equipment and technology to continuously meet dynamic industry demands.

Improved Packaging, Storage & Shipment Applications 

When examining industry applications, market trends have been improving in the fruits & vegetables, fish, meat & seafood, dairy, processed food, and pharmaceuticals segments. Processed foods are projected to show the highest compound growth rate over the next forecasted period, due to continuous innovations in packaging materials. New advancements in packaging materials are increasing the shelf life of products, and are even offering environmentally safe alternatives to traditional plastic packaging. These advancements, in return, have increased the trading of processed foods over the past 10 years, and will be influential drivers to cold storage application developments in the future.

 Demands of temperature-controlled systems & improved packaging within the pharmaceutical segment can be solely accredited to the prominence of maintaining efficiency and safety of the pharmaceutical products. Mass-storing life science products at controlled room temperature can be a complex, lengthy, and costly process, and products will often require proper transit conditions to ensure their quality after production. This need is a direct cause for additional growth within the temperature-controlled logistics segment, and we can expect to see a many companies improving their production & shipping/receiving methods within the next 10 years.

A-N-C Solutions to Market Demands

Fluctuating variables of state and federal regulations, changes in consumer behavior, and advancements in product packaging within the industry have many companies and owners perplexed on keeping budgets down, improving efficiency, and increasing the overall competitiveness of their business at a healthy level within the market. Cold Storage construction demands are at an all time high, and companies are in need of someone to navigate the complexities of temperature controlled facility construction, renovations, and management. 

A-N-C Cold Storage Construction, Inc. is a leader in solutions, and our dedicated team is prepared with over 30 years of experience to offer guidance throughout your construction process. Our skilled Project Management team offers our clients Pre-Construction Consulting services that help owners plan best avenues for construction, and provide expert opinions throughout the planning processes to ensure your project meets city, state & federal regulations. Already passed the planning stages? A-N-C is also fully capable of getting engineer-approved plans executed, and guarantee that our Full-Service Build projects exceed expectations time & time again.  

A-N-C CSC, INC. takes pride in remaining a leader within the cold storage construction industry.  When your company is looking for a committed & knowledgeable cold storage contractor, who provide expert results in temperature controlled applications, Schedule A Free Consultation!to speak with a member of our sales team today!



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