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A-N-C Cold Storage Construction Employee Spotlight: Joshua Everage

Posted by Christine Sanchez on Aug 29, 2017 10:01:00 AM
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The productivity of any company is influenced by the working culture, and it’s a known fact that happy employees work better.

Joshua Everage is Project Lead at A-N-C Cold Storage Construction, and he understands the value of a good working environment. Working with both clients and A-N-C project managers means that collaboration is all important to Joshua, and he believes that family-run companies like A-N-C have an advantage.

“We welcome the customer to our family. This also applies for all employees,” says Joshua. “Being a family run business definitely allows for employees to be seen and treated as family instead of just another number clocking in. It also makes for a more motivated work atmosphere.”

Joshua credits the working environment at A-N-C with his own drive to continually hit the highest standards of performance. “Its very satisfying to sit back and look at job well done,” he says. “This thought motivates me to keep pushing and do the best work every time. It makes it enjoyable to show up to work.”

Clients benefit greatly from working with highly-trained and motivated team members, especially those in a close-knit family team.  “Less people to run things through means more attentiveness to our projects and our customers,” says Joshua.

This attentiveness extends to researching the latest developments in cold storage, an industry which Joshua says is constantly evolving. Technological advances are coming thick and fast, with devices such as automated pallet racks making a particular impression with staff and clients. “To be able to just type in commands to an automated system and have your product wrapped, scanned, and ready for shipping on the other end is a pretty awesome technological feat,” says Joshua.

Thanks to developments such as automated systems, cold storage is an interesting industry to be involved in. Joshua sees his future in cold storage, and has big plans for the future. “I just have to be ready for change at all times and flow with all the moving parts that is cold storage,” he says. “It would be nice to take the helm in five years, but for now I'll focus on the present.”

With leadership on his mind, Joshua is looking to help other staff members as he continues to grow. “As we raise the bar to build better, it in turn keeps me sharp and on my toes, effectively making me better and I in turn share my support in this process,” he says.

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