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4 Easy Ways To Save Money With Cold Storage Facility Construction

Posted by Sergio Ruiz on Mar 28, 2017 10:00:00 AM


Cold Storage Construction Tips For Cold Storage Investors 2017


Cold Storage Construction


The construction investor expects a cold storage construction contractor to stabilize project cost below budget without sacrificing building quality. However, smart and savvy investors expect cold storage solution experts to implement pre-planning measures and innovative designs that control building costs.

Particular operations that optimize and leverage utilities after the cold storage construction can provide long-term savings, with a substantial return on investment (ROI). We have identified 4 critical areas that offer money-savings strategies:

  • Cold Storage Facility Construction Thermal Envelope

A quality cold storage unit has been proven to be only as reliable as its thermal envelope or barrier to unwanted heat and cold escaping, measured as Resistance or R-Value. Without a doubt, the best materials will come with a higher price tag. These materials ensure a quality which extends equipment life and maintains inventory safety around the clock. Superior thermal construction utilizes a combination of quality insulating materials and fixtures, which creates critical vapor barriers to offset moisture produced by air exchange.  The goal is to keep more cool air in the unit, allowing for less energy use. Some examples  of building components that pay for themselves in the long run include:

  • Specialty Door Systems
  • Dock Seals
  • Insulated Panels
  • Reflective Roofing Membranes

A cold storage solutions expert understands how to implement materials and organize interior space for cost-efficient cooling, while building a unit capable for future expansion.


  • Energy Savings Design

The overall layout of the cold storage facility works in tandem with promoting and facilitating asmooth and transitional operation from receiving to loading and distribution. Minor adjustments during the planning phase can contribute to the building’s energy efficiency. This also takes into consideration adjacent spaces, such as loading docks and the overall effect on cold rooms. Making purposeful use of lighting systems with LED fixtures tends to consume less energy and produce less heat than standard, more archaic fixtures. A cold storage solution that starts with an inclusive energy savings design works to keep temperatures consistent and decreases utility costs.


A-N-C Cold Storage Construction


  • Smart Electrical System Implementation

Careful planning and quality construction has the potential to lead to all functions of  a coldstorage facility being able to run efficiently and to operate with a reliable and consistent source of electricity. During loss of power, inventory can be compromised, resulting in financial loss. A thermal construction expert can design client’s storage needs with careful machine and electrical room placements, that optimize mechanical and electrical performance. By synchronizing standby power, with supply redundancy and a smart electrical system based on operational voltage and centralized compressors, a thermal expert can assist in reducing cost through energy efficient savings.

  • Planned Cold Storage Automation

Cold storage unit automation improves equipment performance by providing real-time data that allows professionals to track and manage energy consumption. Detailed trend analysis allows for focused modifications, based on information from automated points of control throughout the cold storage refrigeration system, and it provides an overview of critical data, such as per kilowatt cost and maximum allowance of temperatures. Planned refrigeration automation has the potential to result in decreased maintenance, increased product safety and reduced operating costs throughout the cold storage unit.

Being informed of controlling building costs should always be a priority, but with new projects including remodels and retrofits, all will benefit from long-term planning that over time provides the return on investment which will pay off with increased energy savings. Consulting with a cold storage solutions expert on these major points will ensure your facility operations run efficiently and with reliability.


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