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Nogales Pic 3      Insulated Metal Panel Ceiling Installation by A-N-C's Cold Crew in Nogales, Arizona

Insulated metal panels, also commonly referred to as “IMPs”, are traditionally installed on a building exterior and interiors to provide exceptional thermal envelopes, and to more effectively reduce thermal bridging within a facility. With cold storage, and many related industries persistently determined to build more suitable and sustainable designs, IMPs are by far the best and most thermally efficient product available today amongst all construction materials & accessories.

By design, IMPs usually consist of a double tongue and groove with the highest R-values per inch of any insulation material used in construction. The finishes offered are available in USDA-approved white, stainless steel, and galvanized metal, which make them a great choice for food processing, pharmaceutical, and environmentally controlled agricultural growing facilities.

With 30 years of practice and application, A-N-C Cold Storage Construction, Inc. has established a great sense of knowledge building with Insulated Metal panels, of all types and brands and we are able to offer creative construction solutions for our clients across multiple production industries. We truly believe that paired with our skilled application techniques, insulated panels provide the best benefits for every type of facility, not just cold storage.


A-N-C’s 10 benefits of building with IMP’s:


Insulated Metal Panels are diverse in the fact that they can be used for a number of structural applications. IMP’s are designed and suitable for exterior walls, interior walls, ceilings, and roofs. Panels come in multiple colors, reveals and custom modular widths with factory-formed corners, providing aesthetically pleasing design options for horizontal or vertical installation.

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IMP’s are easily installed because they are made up of composite panels that have a concealed fastener system in the side joints. This aspect provides a single source for the building enclosures and drastically reduces the number of necessary trades for installation. A-N-C chooses insulated metal panels as our construction material of choice because they are unaffected by most weather conditions due to their resilient nature, which also allows flexibility in installation.


Insulated metal panels contain a foam core encapsulated by two sheets of steel that can serve as the entire wall or roof application for a building. IMPs deliver the ultimate time saving single-step installation process that significantly reduces construction time, which in return, allows building occupancy sooner, greater reducing construction costs and production-loss.


IMP supported structures not only last long, they age very well too! Premium components, paint options, galvanization, and aluminum-zinc coated ensure our buildings withstand the test of time and ever-changing weather conditions. 


Thermal bridging is one-reason builders can’t blindly judge insulation based on its R-value alone. Thermal bridging occurs when a more conductive (or poorly insulated) material allows an easy pathway for heat or airflow across a thermal barrier. IMP panels offer an exceptional solution for insulating buildings, and act as a single-source water, air, vapor and thermal barrier.




Panel manufactures have created Thermal safe IMP’s consisting of a mineral wool panel that achieves one-, two- or three-hour fire-resistance ratings for walls, and 1.5 hours for ceilings, all under the most demanding thermal conditions. In addition to its fire-resistant characteristics, the panels provide exceptional thermal performance and protection from the elements, and help ensure that your material, property and people are safeguarded in the event of a fire.


Insulated metal panels provide lasting beauty. Insulated Metal wall and roof panels are sometimes available with paint finish warranties of up to 40 years from the manufacturers, which means they only need to be replaced ONCE to achieve 60-year coverage, in accordance with the Product Category Rule (PCR). Depending on local environmental conditions, and with follow-up care and A-N-C routine maintenances, insulated metal panels projected life span could easily reach 50 to 60 years.


Over 35% of the steel used in the skins of insulated metal panels contains recycled materials, and 88% of the scrap steel from our panels
is recycled. Traditionally, R-values of insulated metal panels meet or exceed current energy codes, and significantly contribute towards credits in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.


Insulated metal panels features unsurpassed thermal-controlled efficiency. IMP’s typically contain an advanced urethane or polyurethane insulations, and even have environmentally Green options of Straw-Core insulation. These types of insulation offer the highest thermal value commercially available within the cold storage construction industry. High thermal value provides advantages such as lowering the cost of energy used to maintain a certain level of thermal degree, and overall building maintenance costs.


Insulated metal panels offer quick construction, incredible durability, and energy efficiency, reducing overall installation and operations costs, and saving you money. With single-step installation, insulated metal panels reduce the number of necessary trades for install, vendors to manage, and materials to order, driving down additional construction costs. If you’re looking for a cost-effective substitute to your traditional building materials, IMP’s offer the best overall alternative. Ceiling Panel Install

By choosing to build with insulated metal panels, and by working with A-N-C Panel Installation Experts, we can promise that your building will go up faster, and will be tighter, stronger, quieter, thermally controlled and more cost-effective than by using any other conventional construction materials.

 From Pre-Construction planning & consultation services, to Labor-Only & full-service Design | Build projects, A-N-C Cold Storage Construction, Inc. is your one-stop shop for all Cold Storage Construction solutions & materials . 

If you have a project that is in need of cost-efficient, atmospherically controlled environments, or in need of buildings that withstand the test of time, contact an A-N-C CSC, INC. Project Manager TODAY @ 909-874-4963 to discuss your construction options.


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